Monday, July 28, 2008

Still not used to things

By Kate Baur

Okay, a few more weeks here and the others are beginning to develop niches on the island. Dad’s doing his pirate thing, Mom is being…kinda weird in certain places, Millie is doing her thing of bossing us around, Max is being hyperactive, and Alex is watching Law and Order.

Though the things with Mil, Al and Max aren’t anything new.

I myself am trying to write a bit, not to mention get used to a few more things. I have difficulty adjusting to ‘Island time’ AKA ‘No need to rush’ I can be a tad impatient, and tend to get nervous if I think I’m making people wait. On the other hand, with people like us who are generally late for pretty much every other thing, it might come in handy.

I also still have a bit of trouble with the heat. I don’t really like wearing shorts all the time, and the heat tends to force this upon me. I also don’t like going out all much as the other members of my family. (Please note that it doesn’t mean I don’t go out at all, I don’t want anything to be put out of context) It’s more my own problem though, and I can deal with it in my own way.

And finally, I still don’t have a job or my drivers license. Heck I have yet to receive a freaking library card. I need some access to books, my head is melting from more then heat over here.

Let’s see, nothing more to report other then the fact that I need my own computer very soon.

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Jennifer said...

By heat, do you mean the humidity? I thought I was going to die in the humidity there...nothing like the heat we get here in Southern Oregon. It may be 75 or 80 degrees on St. Croix, but the humidity makes you feel like you're melting. Everything gets sticky!

Sounds like time for a swim in the ocean to me :o)