Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Posted by Kate, 18.

Keep in mind this is the opinion of a girl who is old enough to drink here but not back in the states, and a person who prides herself in being as much of a freak as possible.

Thus far, living here is a bit of a love-hate thing, there are things I love and things I hate.

I love the experience of living in a different place, I hate having to have left all my manga and everything else behind.

I love the nice breezes, and that is because I hate the heat. I’m more of a person who can take to slightly colder climates. (Not arctic cold or anything, but I was used to Oregon winters)

I love the swimming, I hate the humidity! I hate to sound like a whiny little Paris Hilton-y prep girl who wears skirt-shirts and elbow bags, but I have a hard time managing anything in this humid air.

I love the seclusion, I REALLY hate being cut off from the internet most of the time. I admit back in the states I was slightly addicted, but now it’ll cost me ten bucks to check my sites per hour.

I like the friendly environment, until I remember that I was a bit of a wallflower back in the states. And I hated leaving my old friends.

In any case, there are things I like and things I hate, I’m sure things will pick up for me, but until then I’ll cope. Me and Al are planning on getting our own place eventually.

But to be honest I eventually want to see the U.K. when I’m old enough. It’s a plan, though a very in-progress one. I might do it after I write my own novel, another work-in-progress, but hey, I’m working on it, right?

I hope to get there soon, but right now, I got to get a job. I wonder if the bookstore is hiring?



Anonymous said...

If you really want to check out the UK - have a look at www.bunac.org. If you take a semester's worth of college courses (even at an online community college), you can get a 6-month work permit. It's a great way to get to the UK, and they have a 4-month program to Ireland as well if you're interested in that.

Good luck! It's a great adventure :)

Robert Cockroach Blair said...

An Adventure without adversity is.......well, boring. Momentary disgruntlement shall soon be replaced by the challenges of overcoming our natural hatred of change <== egads...that almost sounds too reasonable. I shall be watching, reading and sometimes butting in....lass, you are a joy and have an opportunity of a lifetime....let your piratitude roar...England, you say?....it's just like Portland, but people talk funny (kinda like Lebanon)....or Newport....enjoy the swimming and all that you can.
Best wishes...