Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Me at the Fair

Think county fair, but with an island flair.

Last weekend was the 41st annual Ag Fair on St. Croix, the biggest food and farming exhibition in the Caribbean.

One thing I'll say for Crucians -- they have terrific patience for talk. When it's time to open an event, they want their speeches, and lots of 'em. I covered the opening ceremony, and there were more than 15 speakers on the program, including the people who received honors. The best part? Usually the invocation is given by a local pastor who "Oh lords" for 10 to 15 minutes. This time the invocation was given by a five year old who did it with complete aplomb - he was great - and the invocation was as short as he was.

It's also a big, big event for schools, lots of competition for best educational display, ag art, essays, poems, you name it.

Anyway, the story about the opening is here. There's also a picture of the young man, Kevin Beaupierre, giving the invocation. And my colleague from the Source, Bill, wrote this about the final day.


Pat Kight said...

Cute story - but I would not be the word geek I am if I didn't ask about the odd styling on people's ages. I can't say I've ever seen it quite that hyphenated!

Lacrocivious Acrophosist said...

Your colleague's story link has an extra http in it.

TikiGeek said...

The things you have to do to live in paradise. I hope it's worth it.