Monday, February 27, 2012

Flowers and Freebooters

More pictures from the orchid show, as promised, but first -

Our friend, musician Tom Mason, the Blue Buccaneer, is back on island and I caught him last night at Coconuts on the Beach, a great venue for a great act. Fun night of pirate music and piratey attitude. And I had something of a triumph. It was Johnny Cash's birthday and Tom did Folsom Prison Blues, but was a little troubled by the train image for a pirate. So I batted out these new lyrics for him, which he used.

I hear the wind a blowin'
Up from the Spanish Main.
Wish I could see a pirate ship
And not this goddamn train ...

Tom's CD, The Blue Buccaneer is one of my favorite pirate albums in years, with songs perfect for singing along and pounding on the table in a tavern - which is the best possible place to listen to pirate songs. And he'll be hitting the pirate festival tour this summer as well. Don't miss him - although it's hard to believe the setting will be anywhere near as good as last night's.

Also, Tom is working with us on a project for the 10th anniversary of Talk Like a Pirate Day, so stay tuned.

Update: Almost forgot. Tom and the guys will play at 7 p.m. tonight (Monday) at Angry Nate's in Christiansted. If you happen to be on island and enjoy a good time.

And now, a few more pictures from the orchid show.

This is the orangest and yellowest thing I have ever seen. And more space pixies!

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Mimi Foxmorton said...


Need I remind you how much I loathe you.

livin' the life-

ps. Nice pixies! And that top orchid would have Georgia O'Keefe in an orange and yellow frenzy! ;)