Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting the hang of it

Posted by John

It still feels odd from time to time to drive on the left side of the road, but I’ve mostly gotten used to it and I haven’t been getting lost at all lately.

Driving the other day on North Shore Road, which winds around the coast – some incredibly beautiful seascape. As I rounded a bend and entered a short straight away, a car came around the bend about 100 yards ahead of me and headed straight for me.

“Oh gosh, I did it again!” I thought to myself. But I looked down and, no, I was in the correct lane – on the left side of the road. Just as I realized this, the other driver did too. The other car suddenly jerked sharply to the right (my right, of course, not his) and drove past me in the correct lane.

I had to laugh, and think to myself, “Tourist!”

I guess I’m getting the hang of this.



Beth Ann said...

Looking up to see if tattoos were a part of this years festivities, (we missed last years) and I saw you moved! Holy crap! I would LOVE to do that! What a fabulous opportunity for your whole family! Don't worry- they'll come around.
So Ive been reading your blog entries from everyone. LOVE IT!
You all have a great sense of writing and telling stories.
I would love to see some pictures...I know- you're swamped, but when you get a chance!!!
Chin up- life is good!
Keep writing!
PS- I once studied a week there at the Farliegh Dickinson U. (studying marine biology) Don't know how to spell it, but had a marvelous time. Is it still there?

Jennifer said...

Keep Left!!!

On St. John and somewhat on St. Thomas, these signs are posted on the roads for the tourists. I don't remember if there were any on St. Croix...