Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay? No Fay here

Posted by John Friday afternoon

I've had several phone calls with people stateside in the last couple of days, and they all ask if we survived Hurricane Fay okay.

Just so you're not worried, Fay was a non-issue here. About a week or so ago we caught on outrider of the gathering storm, and got some rain and a terrific lightning and thunder show over the water. But that was it. Nothing to write home about,and we hope it stays that way.

Fay apparently started forming up south of here and blew by without much notice. We're still learning the ins and outs of hurricane season. Apparently there's "unsettled weather," then a tropical disturbance when it starts forming into a storm. That's what we caught the edge of. Then it goes up to tropical storm as it gains momentum and wind speed, and the circular pattern begins.When the wind hits 50 mph, it's a hurricane.

We've started getting supplies ready "in case." We've got about three days of water stored away, and we'll begin laying in some canned goods and a camping stove soon. When hurricanes actually are about to hit, WAPA (the Water and Power Administration) shuts off the power so that when lines get blown down (and they will get blown down) and the power goes out, there won't be problems when the power comes back on. So even though our stove burns propane (we've got a hundred pound tank out back) the stove also requires electricity.

We're hoping it's like when the weather looks dicey and you take an umbrella. As long as you've got an umbrella, it won't rain. Mother Nature only dumps on you when you forget the bumbershoot. We're preparing for a hurricane, so with any luck that should keep one from happening.

So no, there were no problems from Fay here. The cluds blocked us from watching the Perseid meteor shower, but the lightning show made up for it.

On another note, my DSL was supposed to be hooked up by yesterday. But it turns out there's not an available access port, so they've got to install one and it's going to take another week. Damn!! I am SO ready to not be sitting in this plaza (a very nice plaza, but still) and using a free wireless connection. It's kind of a pain.

Soon come.



Rosalind said...

Hi John and Tory, we saw Pat K at the art and air fair last weekend and she gave us the name of your blog site. Wow, sounds like things are pretty exciting for your family. Hope Fay goes away and you don't need to get out the emergency supplies. Also hope the girls have recovered from the mugger. Tory, I can really relate to your anger about someone trying to harm your family. Everything is about the same as usual here in your old hood. Roz

Alan said...

You were in mind for both me and the family. YOu folks are family enough for us though we rarely cross paths. We consider ya kin.

I'm glad to see ya weathered the weather and ya malk chat up Ashley Lockwood on Cayman for some survival tips. That boy has made it through his share.

Give teh family our best and know we'll be wishing you were in the great NW with this TLAPD, but loving that you pursued the dream!


Zoot Doubleman said...

Hey, Baur's. Robin, Miss Mary and I had dinner with E-train and Cap'n Slappy at his favorite place the other Friday night. We could tell he goes there a lot 'cause absolutely every worker who passed by stopped to speak to him.

CS had not seen Miss M since The Most Happy Fella days. She is now nearing 14 and growing up in ways that strike fear into the hearts of fathers and grandfathers world-wide. So they had quite the chat in those brief moments when E-train paused for a breath.

It must be nice to go to a place where they just bring your food and drink to you without having to say a word. We were really impressed.

After a couple of hours of this, CS said he was exhausted and asked E-t to take him home. It was then we saw her new Crater Lake plates, "ETRAIN." As she said - people will probably think she is some high tech IT trainer now.

Love to all of you from us.