Monday, November 26, 2012


 Spent half of Sunday in the swamp. Seem appropriate.

We were touring the Jean Laffite Wildlife Management area.  It was very cool (photos below,) although my knees are killing me today. Saw no gators. Heard a lot of birds. Saw one raccoon. The thing about swamps? They're swampy. And we've been kind of swamped too.

I know, I know. Haven't written here in forever. And it's not like nothing is going on. I haven't written about Halloween or Thanksgiving or learning to fly (not at ALL what those words imply) or just getting to know our new home. I'll try to explain all those things later this week.

Today is Alex's birthday, our daughter who died last summer. It still doesn't even seem possible. She'd be 27 today. We miss her every day. Tori's friend Robyn came out from California to be with her on the birthday, and it's helped. Tori has laughed more in three days than she has in three months. But it's not a happy day here. Seems appropriate that it's raining.

Anyway, I know I promise from time to time that I'll do better on the blog, and maybe I will. I certainly mean it when I say it. We shall see. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the swamp.

An ancient cypress tree, said to be 600 years old. And my beautiful bride.

A channel winds through the swamp.

Max and Tori on the path through the swamp.

Robyn and Tori (in her Saints jersey.)

On the bayou.

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