Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

Random thoughts while waiting for Isaac.

• Our neighbors, as a group, are a quiet bunch who take two things very seriously – The New Orelans Saints and lawn care. Almost every house has a Saints banner or flag or sign out front, and no weekend is complete without the sound of lawn mowers, edgers and blowers as they manicure their already perfect lawns. It's not unusual to see someone come home from work at 5 and whip out the lawnmower to give a quick trim. You can tell a storm is coming because they've all brought in their Saints flags.

• Still can't get over LaFreniere Park. It's just wonderful. Tori has figure out how to make almost any errand include a drive through the park. I'm going to start posting random photos from it, starting with this one. Swans near sunset.

• I've decided there's really no point in eating mushrooms unless they've been sauteed in bacon grease. Seriously, had them that way for Millie's birthday dinner and it was one of those, "This is so good I'm almost angry!" moments.

Max tried out for a production of "Peter Pan" at one of the local schools. Apparently that's how they do drama here, one school does a show open to every school, so that not every school has to have a drama teacher and facility. There were actually two shows having tryouts Saturday and thank God for that. There were about 150 kids at the Peter Pan auditions. They use every kid - double cast and each cast does half the shows. It took all day, but my hat is off to them, they saw everybody, I don't think anyone felt they didn't get a shot, and they came up with good casts. My favorite moment was when one of the little girls asked about trying out for Tinker Bell. The woman in charge explained that in this production Tinker Bell is played by a flickering laser beam. There was an audible moan of despair from about 20 little girls.

Max was cast as Captain Hook! Well, one of two Captain Hooks, of course. It's in the blood, pirate and all. He doesn't get to fly – they actually are bringing in riggers from New York to fly Peter, Wendy, Jonathon and Michael. But he'll get to scare a lot of little kids, and agrees that's WAY better.

• The Jefferson Parish Public Library is really wonderful. It's a big, big building, and it's crammed with everything. A great place to spend an afternoon and evening. Kate is signed up to be a library volunteer, but I'm betting the training session scheduled for tomorrow night gets cancelled by Isaac, so a slight snag in that plan.

Which brings me full circle. Gotta go do the last of the hurricane prep, bringing in a few items from out in the car port.

Take care, trust that we will.

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Amanda said...

Good luck with Isaac. We got some outlying rain from it early Monday morning (inland central Florida), but that sucker looks to be strengthening now. My husband's older kids live in the NO area so we're keeping our eye on the storm's progress.