Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Update

Isaac is now finally at last an official Hurricane. Not a strong one, no one has yet suggested winds will reach 90 miles an hour. A Category 5 storm would have winds around 150. Omar, which was our first, back on St. Croix, was a Cat 3. So if we have to have a hurricane, we'll take a "weak" Cat 1, thank you.

It was raining earlier, coming straight down, not slanting at all. It's not right now. That happens as the bands of clouds being sent out from the center pass over.

Millie got called by work yesterday and told not to come in again until they call her. They shut down early yesterday and they're not reopening until this passes. She's a waitress at Louisiana Purchase Kitchen, specializing in gumbo, red beans and rice, fried chicken and catfish. Their message board also notes: M  TH ERLY BIRD $698 It took a lot of looking at it to realize it does NOT say "Motherly Bird, $698."

You probably figured right away it says "Monday through Thursday, Early Bird Special $6.98.

Tori just got home from a few final prep errands and said all the stores are boarded up and closing early. So prep is done, and we are now officially "hunkered."

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