Friday, December 30, 2011

Festival Kicks Into High Gear

Last night the Festival Village opened, and the Crucian Christmas Festival kicked off for real. Carnival rides, food, games of "chance." Fun. There have been events leading up to last night, the youth Calypso contest, a parade in Christiansted, pageants. But the village opening is the real start.

For the next week very little work will get done on St. Croix. There's the Quelbe Tromp, the J'Ouvert (must be experienced) a food fair and two big parades, plus a lot of other things.

Every Caribbean Island has its own celebration, and the Crucian Christmas Festival's is St. Croix's.

Anyway, here's the story I wrote last night on the festival, and here's the video Tori shot.The picture above is 6-year-old John Hazell riding the merry go round.

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TikiGeek said...

Hey John, I wanted to write you guys a little note of thanks. A few years back I found this blog just after you guys had moved to the island. I was in awe of you guys for actually pulling off such an ambitious move.

Well, long story short, I lost my job in the city and decided to move my wife, daughter and I to our favorite place in the world, Central Coast California, wine country. I found a great job (miraculously) and we're all happier than we've ever been. Our friends and family all thought we were crazy, but your relocation success story inspired us. If the Baurs could pull it off in St Croix, we could make it work here.

Cheers to you and your family for a great 2012 and thanks for the inspiring and entertaining blog. Chris