Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Omar IV – Pics

Omar isn't really here yet, but hey, it's still light out and we still have power, so what the hell.Let's post some pix, even if they don't show much yet, 

 Just to complicate things, I can't figure out the fairly simple blogger controls for posting pix, so there all over the place. I'll have to do one at a time for each post.

This is the front porch, with the windows all boarded up. Also, all the plants and chairs and shells (fabulous shells!) and whatnot (lots of whatnot on our porch) have been ought inside to prevent them from sailing off, or getting blown through something.


Anonymous said...

Pirate Bloody Charity Vain from Florida here. Stay safe Me Harties. We's been thar done that. Hope the power stays on. Aye be carefull! I look forward to ye next blog.

Laura said...

I'm assuming you don't have power yet, but please post when you can. Hope everyone is OK!