Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here comes Omar II

It was a quiet night, started raining again around 8 a.m. In the last 15 minutes the rain really kicked up. From the pictures on The Weater Channel it looks as if Omar is coming in right over the top of the VI, and since we're on the southwestern corner of the island and the storm's coming from the southwest ... Hmmmm.

We're pretty much set, although our landlord is suggesting you're NEVER really set. He came by to board up te front windows. Sadly, he cut the plywood a foot too short, so he's gone off to get more. It is his house, after all.

The big question for us is power. We don't have a generator, so when the power goes out (and I think it's safe to assume it will, given the local power grid) we'll be in the dark for the duration, which might mean a couple or three days. We've got water laid in, food, cash and a full tank of gas (because if the power's out, gas pumps don't work. Ditto ATMs.)

Excited is the wrong word for what we're feeling. Scared is also the wrong word. Concerned, maybe even anxious, but there's also, I'll admit, some exhilaration. Let's see if I still feel that way tomorrow.

Tori has me doing video spots from the front porch, and she's going to try to post them on youtube. Take care all!

Hmmm. The rain just eased off a tad. Don't think that means anything, though. Omar is coming and there's no stopping him.

We'll check in again as the power situation allows.


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jgrantmarshall said...

Good luck weathering the weather! I've got you RSS'd, so will be keeping an eye on your progress.