Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election Aftermath – A Lull

Well, that was disappointing. We'd hoped to avoid a runoff, but we've got another month of this.

Obviously this is no longer about who controls the Senate. That's settled. This is about who best can represent Louisiana. Mary Landrieu has a proven record of working for the state and its citizens, and delivering, regardless of which party controlled Congress or sat in the White House. Her opponent's whole campaign has been based on tying her to President Obama and saying, "Obama – Bad."

So, fine. We know what he's against. We've got a month to try to find out what he's for. And based on his comments last night, he's still not inclined to tell us. That's really all we ask. A clear statement of what he wants to do as a senator. Barack Obama is not on the ballot. What does this guy want to do as a U.S. senator?

Everyone's resting today. Tomorrow we jump back into it. And if the Koch brothers think they can buy the election – we're going to make them spend it all!

Apropos of nothing – Just finished re-reading Patrick O'Brian's "HMS Surprise." What a great series of books. Think I'll head down tot he library today and find another of the Aubrey/Maturin books, one I have only read two or three times.

Not that I'll have a lot of free time for reading this month. There's a runoff to win.

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