Friday, October 3, 2014

Almost Over

We take such simple things for granted. Flip a switch, and we're surprised if the light doesn't come on. Turn a faucet, we expect water to come out. Flush a toilet or open the drain on a sink, the liquid goes down, goes "away," and we rarely give a second thought to where it goes or how it gets there.

So the last two weeks have been educational, if nothing else. Really inconvenient, sometimes annoying, once very funny, but also educational. Go without running water for a day, or without sewage service for 15, and it reminds you how special such simple things are.

I know no one cares about this but me, Tori, Kate and Max, but I just have to say, this long plumbing nightmare is almost over. They've been fiddling around on the front lawn all day, had me flush a couple of times while they peered down the clean out, gave me a thumbs up. Now they're filling in the hole. And presumably, we're good to go.

This started Sept. 19, with jack-hammering. I didn't know then why they were doing it, and now that they're just about done, I still don't. Everything here worked fine before they started, and it seems to work exactly as fine now.

At least for now, I have renewed appreciation for those little things that make what we call "civilized" life possible. I hope I don't lose that, at least for a while.


Capt. John Swallow said...

We feel for ye, mate - having had a similar experience not that long ago (though not caused directly by utility incompetence). Of all the things we take for granted (and that should be a right for all), being able to flush a toilet and take a shower rank very high on the scale!
Thanks for sharing the adventure...our best to the crew!

TikiGeek said...

Glad to hear your plumbing troubles are over for now.

Robert "Cockroach" Blair said...

I feel for ya, mate....but, I was laughing so hard from your writing that I couldn't cry for ya....