Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Pot of Red

Made some really good chili. I'm a basic chili kinda guy, nothing fancy and no beans. Spicy but not burn-your-head-off hot.

Stew beef, a bottle of beer, an onion, garlic, chili powder, paprika. A little salt. Would have used a red pepper and cumin, but we were out of both. Then just cook it until you can't recognize any of the constituent parts, about six hours. Adding water as needed, but not much. I like my chili thick.

Man it was good. Tori made a pot of beans and rice for those who just have to have beans with their chili, and there were no complaints. It's probably been 25 years since I made a pot of chili, and I wonder why I waited. So easy, just requires attention so that it doesn't burn, and so damn good.

We realized we'd been falling into a rut at dinner time, the same eight or ten things over and over, and decided to change it up. We began a concerted effort to try new things, or things we haven't made in years, and so far no complaints. Tori turned out some fabulous chicken enchiladas a couple of weeks ago – it's probably been three or four years since she made those and they're always good – and a nice beef stew. I have made the chili, and barbecued pork sandwiches. Well, I can't really call it that since I didn't barbecue the meat, but it gives you the idea.

And it's so much less expensive than buying processed foods, or ordering out, and so much better. And the cooking is fun.

Friday has been pizza night at the Baurs almost as long as we've been married. I came home from work about 20 years ago and the kids were all excited, telling me Tori had decreed that "Friday night is pizza night!" These days we make our own, because it's less expensive and way better – everyone gets what they want on the pizza they make. Kate has taken over making the dough and takes a lot of pride in her bread-making prowess. Max grates the cheese, we all chop of the vegetables and whatever else we've got. It's a family thing.

And now Sunday is turning into, "What have we not made in a while?" night. And so far it's working out.


Amanda said...

As a resident of the Big Easy, you might want to try your collective hand at red beans. Word to the wise, though -- use tasso as part of the pork fest. It does amazing things to/for red beans.

TikiGeek said...

I second the Red Beans suggestion, would love to hear more New Orleans stories/recipes. Take care.