Friday, February 22, 2013

Apropos of Nothhng

These aren't NOLA or island-related thoughts. Just things that pop into my head from time to time. 

Am I nuts? 

If I suggested a movie plot about backwoods brothers – isolated, lonely, religious – who decide to make their way to the nearest town, grab some women and take them away to be their brides, you'd at least expect there would be a scene – possibly the whole last third of the movie – involving a standoff with agents from the FBI and ATF. It'd be one of those true crime, "ripped from the headlines" stories.

Instead, it's a famous musical. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," possibly the stupidest musical of all time, in which the brothers are the heroes of the piece. It has to be the worst idea for a musical I've ever heard. A musical about kidnapping and conspiracy to commit rape? And it's a classic.

Speaking of musicals: There's an ad for a lite beer featuring manly men singing about their workout regimes and how hard they try to be manly, and how Miller 64 fits in with that. It's a rousing song, a "Student Prince" sort drinking-house singalong. You've probably heard it. "To Miller 64! To Miller 64!" In one regard, it's very effective. Every time that ad comes on, it makes me want to sing. It does not, however, make we want to drink their shitty beer.

Light beer? No thanks, I try not to drink cat urine. I'll take a nice micro-brewed dark beer, or when I can get it, Rogue Brewery's Dead Guy Ale.

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TikiGeek said...


It's so awesome to see your new posts, what an awesome perspective of Mardi Gras from a sorta-real modern day pirate. "The Battle of Jackson Square" is a classic story, I only hope Audrey and I can visit NOLA someday and see the fun live. Keep em coming please. Best wishes for the Bauer family.