Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big ship; Small world

I don't think I posted this one before. If I did, oh well. I also don't recall how it got so purple. Should be bluer. Still, cool shot. A cruise ship at Frederiksted's pier. I've never seen them come in, because they do it at about six in the morning. Forget that. But I've watched them pull out in the evening, and it still amazes me every time I see one of them move. They're so damn big. How can they move? How can they stay afloat?

The revisions of the book are finished (this time around, it's never ending) and I have to get back into a schedule. Spent the last three days practically chained to the desk, so I feel like I'm coming up for air.

And in the "small world" category, got a comment on the blog post a couple of weeks ago from someone who, inspired by our move to the Caribbean, pulled up stakes in the big city and moved to the rural central California coast. Which is the same place I started my journey more than 30 years ago. So you just never know.


TikiGeek said...

Where did you live on the Central Coast? We're in Atascadero.

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur said...

Actually I posted a longer response on YOUR blog. I lived in Santa Maria where I had my first newspaper job after graduating from UCSB. Covered many football and basketball games at Atascadero, Paso, Morro Bay and SLO, which is still my favorite town in Cal.

TikiGeek said...


I finally saw your post on my blog, thanks for the comment! Santa Maria is no paradise, we call it "stabbing Maria" because they're always saying someone got stabbed there every night on KSBY.

I've decided to restart my Central Coast Blog thanks again to your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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