Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That was a mistake

I just accidentally re-posted something I'd posted two months ago. Sorry. Pulled it

I found it on my desktop and didn't realize I'd posted back then. Thought, "Well, went to all the trouble to write it."

My bad. And my apologies.

I will, however, be posting something else on writing, but not this week. Next Monday, I'm pretty sure. Because that's when I'll be done.

(And Alex finished her creative writing class, which she really enjoyed. The teacher was terrific, really inspired her.)

In the meantime, here's an update. Lots of mosquitoes right now. Seems to me we had a lot this time last year too, so that'd make it seasonal which means eventually this onslaught will end. I hope so. Killed eight within 15 minutes of waking up this morning. If I lose much more blood I'm likely to pass out.

Maybe that's why I made the mistake. I must be light-headed from loss of blood.


1 comment:

Big_Angus said...

Ahoy there matey! We’s be missin’ the ole bloomin’ days, when ye be postin’ every couple o’ watches! Me mates an me are happy ta see’s ya’s both found respectable type o’ work whilst ye’s be marooned on that slip o’ land. But yer lettin’ down the flag on the reports about what’s goin on in the lives o yer brood! Tis a sad thing it is, ta see a tear roll down the cheek of a fellow scallywag who see’s he lost touch with a shipmate that used to weave a good yarn! Me shipmate Gunner, says he’d rather keep his date with the hangman than to ne’er more cast an eye on a good about beach combin’ islander life.
Well, tis time to be shovin’ off, fer certain. Till our wakes meet again, may ye have fair winds and following seas.