Monday, September 7, 2009

Island Living

Max couldn't get the game cartridge into his Nintendo DS this morning. We tried shoving it in, vigorously, but it wouldn't catch.

Tori – who is both smarter than me and has significantly better eyesight than me – peered into the slot. A tiny – barely an inch long - lizard had crawled in, and when we shoved in the cartridge we'd impaled it on the prongs.

We have written Nintendo customer support (I think this will be a first for them) seeking advice on how to extract the former lizard in a relatively non-gooey and less disgusting way and how to clean lizard entrails off the contacts. I suspect we may have to wait a few days for it to mummify a bit, and perhaps pick up some barf bags.

Because, Damn!


Hinzi said...

An that only 12 days before TLAPD!

Amanda said...

My sons wouldn't know whether to hurl or get out a magnifying glass to examine the remains more closely.

Likely a combination of both. Eewww.

Good luck scraping that sucker out!

vonzott said...

As strange as your, um, situation is, I'll bet that you aren't the first to have something small and gooey expire in a Nintendo Cart. They sell those things all over the world, I imagine that they've dealt with "this kind of thing" before, eh? Probably have a whole procedure already written! Hey, they're Japanese Engineers, aren't they?


Roland Hulme said...

Oh my goodness. Lizard in your Nintendo. That's a formative experience if ever I've heard of one.