Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Very Wide World of Sports

Out here in the Caribbean, surprisingly (to me) cricket is pretty popular. It's not like you see kids playing it on the streets, but the papers cover it all the time. Most of the words seems normal, and the sentences seem to be saying something, but then all of a sudden the writer just starts making stuff up!

The British national side is touring the region, and here's some excerpts from the lead story on the St. Croix Avis sports section, of the match in Jamaica.

KINGSTON, Jamaica - West Indies bowled England for 51 to sweep to an incredible win by an inning and 23 runs just before tea on the fourth day Saturday of the opening cricket test.
Taylor continued his destruction after the break as he bowled champion batsman Kevin Pietersen with a stunning outswinging yorker for 1.
Benn broke the stand when Sidebottom was leg before wicket on 6.
Cook snicked to second slip where Devon Smith held a juggled catch while Bell chased a wide one and edged to wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin.
Benn reduced England to 26-7 when Broad nudged to short leg for a duck in the next over.

I think the "stunning outswinging yorker" and "snicked to second slip" were my two favorites. Or perhaps I should say favourites.

And "leg before wicket?" It sounds as if it means something, but there you go. It almost sounds like the start of some mnenomic or something - Leg before wicket except after tea, when snick leaves a duck in the Caribbean Sea.


I have been remiss, I know, not posting in a month. My bad - we've been very busy. Besides more car woes and some plumbing problems and work and things, we've also been involved in a play at the local theater. We'll write about all those in the next two weeks, I promise.



violet_ruby said...

"Leg before wicket except after tea, when snick leaves a duck in the Caribbean Sea."


Leg before wicket...also referred to as LBW. Or so I've been told.

Watching cricket played is just as confusing as reading about it. And, for me, about as exciting as watching golf. Or watching paint dry.

But peeps here are absolutely *mad* for it. They'll even play it in 45C (113F) weather. I swear.

Lou Merrington said...

I just discovered and am very much enjoying your blog - thanks! This post made me smile - I'm Australian and our news pretty much consists of these types of reports from Dec through to March (our summer). Don't worry, I don't really get it either, and I was brought up with it! But I can tell you that 'Leg Before Wicket' is when the batsman has his leg blocking the wicket and the ball hits his pads (i.e. it would have hit the wicket and caused him to be out if his leg hadn't been there). So that's why you get out for LBW. Think I like your version better though :)