Monday, January 12, 2009

A Perfect Wasted Day

A wasted day in paradise, and what could be better than that?

I was supposed to cover a trial at the federal courthouse. It was tricky, because Bertha is in the shop until this afternoon, when her longstanding problems will be all cleared up at last. (Please, God, please.)

So I took the cab with Tori and Max and Millie to school, the courthouse is just about a mile or so beyond that, so I walked.

Got there and found that the trial I was supposed to be covering was continued to an unspecified future date. Nothing "island" about that, I've covered a lot of trials that never happened. So I had the day free.

Walking back to the school, I could glance to my right and see the incredibly blue Caribbean shining between the buildings. A sunny day, 80 degrees with a good breeze to keep the heat at bay. Someone had taken a horse down the sidewalk, so I had to keep my eyes open and tiptoe through the tulips, as it were.

I heard a buzzing noise and glanced up - a small float plane was lazily swinging in the sky, making its approach to Christiansted harbor. But no, glancing up did not cause a misstep that made my feet fragrant,

The businesses to my left were all fronted by and/or separated by palm trees, their fronds blowing in the breeze, and bougainvillea.

I've got some business I can take care of by phone while waiting for the garage to call to tell me that Bertha's all better. I found the mechanic by asking around, and everyone swears by him. He's got the perfect name for his job - Mike P. Huebner. He uses his initials for the business name - MPH Automotive.

But he's not in the phone book, you just have to know that he's there.

Anyway, I'll be sitting out in the sun making a few phone calls now. Hope you're having a good day too.

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ifly2gethi said...

John et. al,

Your performance as Che in "Evita" is a blast to watch! One more weekend, mate. Arrrgh!


ifly2gethi all over the web ;-)