Friday, November 14, 2008

I Find That Very Odd

I've got CNN on while I work this morning, and they ran that ad again – the ad extolling the joys, the adventure, the sheer DELIGHT of taking your family on a vacation to beautiful Nebraska.

Nebraska??? I live in the freakin' Virgin Islands!! Nebraska??!? Let's see – Virgin Islands? Warm, beautiful beaches, balmy temperatures, deep, deep blue waters, friendly smiling people, tropical rain forest. Nebraska? Prairie. Rolling fields of wheat. Tornadoes. Raging blizzards. Have I missed anything?

I'm just not sure why the Nebraska tourism people even bother running the ad here. Sure, maybe if you lived in some rusting old industrial city with a winter composed of three months of howling bleak frozen nothingness, maybe Nebraska would look good. But in the Virgin Islands? The worst thing I can say about this place is a lot of people here seem to think Coors Lite is beer.

I think my family drove across a corner of Nebraska 40 years ago on our way home from Yellowstone. That's about right, a dozen or so miles of Nebraska every half century or so.

As I recall, the Nebraska rest areas were very clean. That counts for something.


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Hinzi said...

Are you sure it was CNN and not SNL you were watching? Anyway, Nebraska is at the heart of the Homeland with all its values, and those include clean rest areas, Sarah Palin, etc.

Plus, just off the wire, one historical electoral vote for Obama. Who could ask for more! Get out the down underwear, away from all the snorkeling and other caribbean drudgeries, and treat your family to a visit to the best little red state in the country now! (restrictions may apply)